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Welcome to Satori International

Satori International brings martial arts enthusiasts, students and Instructors an innovative online training program designed to enhance every martial artists skills at every level of training.

In addition, Satori International continues to offer on site training seminars for schools and seminars at the Satori International headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Satori International continues to produce educational training DVD's available to members and non members through this site.

Members of Satori International are provided with a monthly online training program designed by a world class panel of Instructors. The Instructors associated with Satori International have been carefully selected to represent their art and are capable of presenting each member with information that will take their training to a whole new level. The diversity of Instructors gives members of Satori International insight that is principle centered, works for all arts and is immediately applicable to all combative arts and internal teachings.

The training information presented through Satori International transcends individual styles and systems, allowing the participant to bridge information from various arts with information based on sound principles of martial arts training.

Satori International combines training principles from Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian and Indonesian martial arts, bringing each member information, training exercises, drills and articles designed to expand each practitioner's art and effectiveness.

" Satori International has created exactly what the martial arts community needs, with information delivered in an easy to understand, detailed format, that allows every martial artist to expand their base of knowledge at every level of their training "
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